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Thursday, May 1, 2025


bbams photo.jpg

B- Bob

B – Bryan

A – Alex

M – Mary

S – Sarah

Together for over 20 years, B-BAMS is a fun-loving musical quintet featuring talent from Alabama, Kentucky, New York, and West Virginia!  How did these folks manage to become a group?  Bob and Mary met in West Virginia in 2000 through a community choir and through church choir. Bob (guitar) and Mary (piano) met Alex (cello) in 2002 when he was attending the WV School of Osteopathic Medicine.  They become good friends and musical companions (Alex also joined the church choir).  In 2004 Alex married Sarah (violin) and we became BAMS!  In 2007, Bryan (vocals) moved to WV (and joined our church choir) and we discovered “the voice from Alabama heaven,” completing our B-BAMS group! 😊


Our lives have taken us in many directions, but we always find time throughout the year to enjoy each other’s company and musical talents.  Sit back and enjoy some of their favorite tunes from artists John Prine, James Taylor, Van Morrison, The Beatles, Travis Tritt, Casting Crowns, Garth Brooks, and Jackson Browne (to name a few!). 


Bob and Mary Thompson – Bob is a native of New York and a retired physician.  Mary is a manager at a local branch of First Citizens Bank.  Both Bob and Mary have been church musicians for 23 years (Mary for 42 years!).  Bob spent his early years as part of rock and roll groups in college and beyond.  They reside in Greenbrier County, WV.


Bryan McManus – Bryan is an Alabama native (war eagle!) and spent 10 years in and around the Nashville music scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  He fell in love and married his sweetheart, Tammy, and have two children – Sydney (and husband Zach Reid) and Samantha.  They reside in Raleigh County, WV 

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