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Greenbrier Valley is fortunate to be home to renowned pianist Barbara Nissman who is not only committed to continued excellence in her art, but to introducing classical piano music to new audiences.  Her witty intellect and charisma combined with her genuine affection for the composers she performs gives her an irresistible edge in introducing the novice to the classics and instilling within them a love for classical music-a genre thought to be in steep decline from the imposition of strict etiquette and stodgy rules that removed spontaneity and joy from performances.  Barbara is the perfect vessel to develop new classical audiences and Carnegie Hall is the perfect venue to incubate this endeavor.

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Three concerts are scheduled for the inaugural season in Spring of 2023
that will showcase Barbara and visiting guests (West Virginia chamber musicians).  


Concert No. 1- February 11, 2023

A Valentine Concert- More Music to Love with Barbara Nissman at the piano.

More of Barbara’s favorite music to enjoy as she shares the music and stories of her composer “friends.”



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