Margy Green

The Museum Gallery will hold an art exhibit for the first time since the relocation of the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame and features Greenbrier County native Margy Green. Green creates scenes from worlds or realms inspired by her dreams, from her love and appreciation of nature, as nuanced by her myriad life experiences.


While most works are acrylic on canvas, other areas of expertise and execution include pencil, charcoal, and oil pastel drawings, as well as watercolors, gouache, and oils.  She strives to create a visual reference for the miracles of our physical world in a way that evokes a feeling of wonder and respect for the planet, and for the universe that manifests our very existence.


During time spent living on the west coast in Long Beach and later, San Francisco, many local, cultural and international influences affected her life, hence her artwork, such as experimental and performance art, yoga and meditative practices.


Margy’s work has been exhibited in Southern California galleries, and is in many private collections and business. On a constant path to learn and grow creatively, she does commissioned work including custom paintings, Illustrations, landscapes, portraits, property portraits, murals on canvas, and logos.