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THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2023 AT 7:30 P.M.

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The Fabulous Baker Sisters RETURN ……. Come enjoy an evening with these two delightfully humorous and quick witted sisters, as they once again share new and classic funny stories, memories and monologues based on their distinctly silly view of the world!


The Fabulous Baker Sisters—Margaret Baker and Barbara Baker Elliott—grew up in Smithfield, North Carolina, as UKs (Undertaker’s Kids), which explains a lot. Bummed about having a masters in theater but working as a waitress, Margaret succumbed to a real job writing for kiddie television in NC. She then chucked that aside, ran off and joined an alternative theater company. The Road Company, based in Johnson City, Tennessee, produced original plays based on improvisation while traveling in a van held together by duct tape. Upon drifting to Philadelphia to study Yankee ways Margaret stumbled upon a career writing and performing one-woman comedy. After that, she inexplicably moved to the end of nowhere in lovely Pocahontas County, West Virginia, where she spent 18 years performing here and there and helping children write rubber chicken-inspired plays. Barbara graduated from college with no real post-graduate plans, so she took a job as assistant editor of The Journal of Parapsychology. She then spent years as a writer in higher education, public television and banking before she, too, inexplicably moved to West Virginia, where her first job was as PR/Education Director at Carnegie Hall. For many years she has written a humor column and feature articles for The Greenbrier Valley Quarterly. In 2018 she compiled a decade’s worth of her columns into a book, The Accidental Mountaineer, published by Havenbrook Media with illustrations by Sally Cooper. 

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