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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2022, AT 6:30 P.M.

This is the groove for the get-down. The soul, the heft. The songs for singing.  This is The Dark Matters. 


The Dark Matters are a full-on soul band: horns, organ, voices. Heavy riffs from the guitar, a driving bassline, drums that make you leave your seat for the sweat of the dancefloor.  We are students of the music we all need; digging deep into the record crates to find the melodies that mean something, the grooves that bring us together. Although this sound is rooted in late '60s Memphis, it is part of a movement of bands that continue to use real instruments to make meaningful music. 


Perfect for a dance party with friends old and new, The Dark Matters breathe life into any event, and will not leave until all are satisfied. Please let us know if you have a gathering that is in need of our soulful sounds. 

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