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The mission of the Guild is to promote interest in Carnegie Hall and to provide financial and volunteer support.

Meetings are held at 5 PM on the second Tuesdays of the following months:  September, October, November, December, February, March, April, May, June.

Yearly membership dues are $20 for active members and $40 for patrons.

The Guild’s annual contributions include:

  • Purchasing recorders for students in Greenbrier and neighboring counties for the yearly Link-Up music education program.  It also provides financial assistance in bringing a symphony orchestra to Carnegie Hall to execute the program.

  • Assisting with the Creative Youth Art Exhibit each March at Carnegie Hall

  • Preparing meals for Main Stage performers

  • Serving Christmas dinner for Carnegie Hall staff members and their families

  • Providing volunteers to assist with Kids’ College, T.O.O.T., performances and behind the scenes and with the public

  • Sponsoring 1 – 2 fundraising events each year in order to provide for the purchase of special items needed for the Hall.

The Guild, since its formation in 2007, has raised over $80,000 to purchase the following items and more:

  • The historical marker in front of the Hall

  • Elegant and versatile Board Room tables and 18 chairs

  • A new floor for the Board Room

  • Large planters for the Ivy Terrace

  • Hearing-assistance devices and a new light board for the auditorium

  • Efficient window blinds for the Hall

  • Kitchen equipment

  • Acoustic ceiling tiles for the Old Stone and Board Rooms

  • Ceiling light fixtures for the Old Stone and Board Rooms

  • The replacement of hammers for the Hall’s Steinway grand piano

For more information, please contact Mary Leb, Carnegie Hall Guild President, (304) 646-1450 or email Mary at


Providing volunteer and financial assistance