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Trish Tuckwiller



Trish is a mixed media/acrylic artist who is truly inspired by nature and her surroundings. Growing up in the hills of West Virginia, she often took walks in the woods observing the insects, wildlife & landscapes. One of her favorite memories is fishing with her father at William's River trying to catch one of the many golden trout that swam there.


Trish has always been a creator, beginning with clothing and moving on to quilts. In 2016, she experienced a desire to break away from traditional quilting and use textiles and various other elements to create artwork and use it to express her love of nature.


She currently is not only creating with mixed media but also with acrylic paint. Tuckwiller has over 40-years’ experience with textiles/mixed media and continues to improve her skills through self-study of various techniques and classes. She enjoys learning new techniques to implement into her artwork and improve her skills.


She was co-owner of WV Fine Artisans, an art gallery in Lewisburg, WV, where she showed her work until the pandemic struck. Rather than reopen the gallery, Tuckwiller decided to continue to do private shows and sell her work primarily online in order to use her time most efficiently.


She lives in the wonderful Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia on a cattle farm with her husband and two cats.


Carnegie Hall exhibits are free and open to the public, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., and run through February 24. For more information, please visit, call (304) 645-7917, or stop by the Hall at 611 Church Street, Lewisburg, WV.

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